Good hair transplant is very difficult to identify.
We perform only successful hair transplant.
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About the clinic

Welcome to the site of Dr. Alex Ginzburg's Clinic
Dr. Alex Ginzburg is a Dermatologist  and a world class reputation in the field of Hair-transplantation, since 1991.
On this site will be found information on the subject of Hair-transplant;  Hair-transplant Treatments; Bladness; Detailed explanations of all presently used methods in the field of Hair-transplantation; A photo gallery plus answers to frequently asked questions regarding Hair-transplantation.

Why Dr. Ginzburg

With us you will not be throwing your money away. Every applicant for hair-transplantation undergoes a pre-suitability examination by Dr. Ginzburg which guarantees a successful procedure.
       *  Not everyone is selected – only those who are sure of a
          successful procedure.
       *  22 years experience with more than 6000 transplants.
       *  Dr. Ginzburg is invited to and lectures at conferences all
          over the world
       *  Use of a unique microscope and a large staff safeguards 
          30% more hair.
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Dr. Ginzburg has recently organised a course on Hair Transplants using
the FUE  Method, in Madrid, with the participation of 100 doctors from 25 world-wide countries – during which course Dr. Ginzburg extracted 1000 follicles in an hour and a half of which 95% of the follicles were in perfect condition.

Dr. Ginzburg performs a TRANSPLANT via the FUE Method by which one can insert 2000 follicles (4000 hairs) on one day.

Dr. Ginzburg performs a TRANSPLANT via the FUE Method by which one
can cover the head with 4000 follicles (8000 hairs) over two successive days or at the patient's preference at different time intervals.

Recently Dr. Ginzburg has preformed FUE Hair Transplant surgery using hair from the patient's chest. Read more

Transplantation on identical twins by the FUE Method a First in Israel

The transplantation of 4000 implants (about 8000 hairs) to cover the whole scalp in two days. read more...


Will the implanted hair remain forever?
Is the follicular units transplant method always successful?
Is the follicular units transplant technique complicated?

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