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Dr. Ginzburg is a dermatologist and hair specialist, who has been performing hair transplants for over 21 years. At his side is a staff of six nurses who have worked with him for over ten years. The Clinic staff is  proficient and skilled having undergone special training in hair transplantation. Moreover, the staff participates and teaches at workshops and international conferences on this subject. The Staff are members of an international Hair-transplant Organization. Every year they travel to various countries in order to acquire additional know-how and different innovations in this field.
Training, experience and advanced studies overseas result in a completely professional and updated staff.

The Operating Room:
Our operating room is large and spacious, equipped with comfortable chairs. 
We provide satellite TV, movies and range of music CDs. The patient also receives candy and soft drinks during the procedure. 
The nurses always ensure that the patient is relaxed and play light classical music in the background to achieve a soothing effect. Sometimes patients are so relaxed that they fall asleep.


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