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Recently Dr. Ginzburg has preformed FUE Hair 
Transplant surgery using hair from the patient's chest.

fue before fue after  

After the extraction                                After 1 Week

fue normal before fue normal after  

FUE before                                                FUE after

Dr. Ginzburg is using the new technique “Tricophytic Donor Closure” which enable to take hairs from the donor area without leaving a big scar behind. This special technique is enabling the hairs to grow inside the scar, a fact that helps to blur it.  

scar old zaleket
A scar with the old technique A scar with the new technique
This a patient came to us with a scar caused by a hair transplant surgery which was done at another clinic. 
The scar correction was done in a surgical method, which was developed by Dr. Ginzburg and known as"The Zig Zag". This method blurs the appearance of the scar.
Before the transplant                            Right after the transplant
Hair Transplant with the F.U.E method
Taking out 1830 hairs         Transplant on frot                      After a week
In the last year there has taken place a veritable revolution in the field of hair medical treatment. In January 2009 - HairDX, an American company located in California launched the first Genetic Test for the identification of the risk of typical male and female hereditary balding.
HairDX examination is a revolutionary genetic test that identifies changes in the D.N.A continuity of the patient and provides the attending doctor with an advance assessment of the extent of risk of male/female hereditary balding.
The examination reveals the chance of hair-loss years before it begins - many people come for treatment for balding too late (50% of the hair has already fallen out) and early detection increases significantly the chances of success in the treatment of baldness. The significance of the presence of the balding gene in the examination is the increase of the risk to the patient to become bald up to about 70%, and there is a chance of about 30% who will not.
The examination is performed by the taking of a sample from within the mouth (saliva), without any blood test in the U.S.A, and is analysed in an authorised laboratory - the results of the test are hanled with discretion. The sample is sent to the HairDX company and passed on only to the client.
The examination is once-in-a-lifetime - the results are for life.
The examination can be undertaken in Dr. Gibzburg's clinic.
 Our topic is the treatment for the filling - in of areas of baldness and the thinning of hair. The treatment makes use of the replacement or substitution of pigments of various shades derived from organic materials that simulate hair bristles. Before treatment, the area is anaesthetized or rendered insensate by external means so that the treatment is not accompanied by any pain. The treatment is carried out by the insertion of the pigments into the lower Epidermis layer of the skin. This is done by a very delicate electronic instrument that activates tiny needles which vibrate inwards and outwards at a high frequency. The perforations are minuscule and do not impinge on any blood vessels. Thus the treatment does not cause bleeding.
 Micropigmentation treatment calls for 3-5 sessions. The inserted shade is special and is unchanging and can only weaken. The treatment can last for 4-5 years.
 Micropigmentation is not intended to replace hair transplantation, but can provide a good solution for  someone who is not suitable for hair transplantation or completion thereof.
 With Micropigmentation there are no side effects – at the beginning of the treatment, the colouring appears brighter but in time it acquires the suitable shade. The treatment causes absolute concealment of the thinning-out of the hair, and creates a natural appearance of full dense hair. The  treatment is suitable for both men and women with long or short hair.
 Micropigmentation is also suitable for the concealment and disguise of scars caused by hair transplants, but in any case it is recommended first and foremost to perform a hair transplant on the scar by the FUE Method, in order that there be hair bristles, and that at a later stage it would be possible to perform the Micropigmentation for the complete concealment of the scar.
It is important to emphasize the difference between Micropigmentation and tattoo. In the former the insertion is only into the epidermis, whereas tattoo reaches into the dermis and becomes permanent. It is not recommended to tattoo on the scalp, as the patient is liable to continue to go
bald, and if no hair remains, the tattoo will remain exposed on the scalp.
 An additional difference is that Micropigmentation is done by the insertion of dot upon dot of colour that gives the appearance of hair stubble, whereas tattooing ,while colouring a full area,  does not create a natural look on the scalp.


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