Transplantation on identical twins by the FUE Method - Dr. Alex

In January 2014, I performed a hair transplantation by the Fue method on a 29 year old  man, from the U.S.A., who has an identical twin brother.
The procedure was performed over two days – 2000 implants on the first day in the front area and another 2000 implants the next day in the rear area.
Both transplantations were performed using the FUE method. A portion of the transplanted hairs did not fall, and therefore immediately after the transplantation there appeared the difference between the twins (see attached photo).
Three months later when growth had resumed there were already no signs of baldness (see photo). After 5 months the hair had grown in a significant manner, and after 6 months, a period of time which generally shows a 50% growth of the transplanted hair, the scalp was already well covered. (see photo).
The end result was achieved after a year, and in the photo of the twins one can easily differentiate between them. (see photo).
At this time the second twin brother is coming to undergo  exactly the same transplantation – Report thereon to follow.


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